“If Only They Could Talk”

“If Only They Could Talk”

If only these geological formations that resemble living creature could talk, I bet we would hear some interesting tales. Just imagine you’re sitting around listening to one of them.

Most of the rock formations have official names designated by various agencies or organizations; however, there are two that this Blogger took the liberty to name. They are “The  Rock Fish

” and “The Mystery Person”.

You should know that the first photograph I took of “Old Man Of The Mountain” was October 2, 1998 and the second one was taken  in 2007. The “Old Man Of The Mountain” fell on May 3, 2003. If you look closely, you will see the scaffolding being used to restore the “Old Feller”.


2. Three Gossips, Arches NP, UT
3 Camel Rock Tesuque Pueblo, NM
Old Man Of The Mountain, Franconia, NH
Old Man Of The Mountain Restoration
Mystery Rock, Joshua Tree NP , CA
Rock Fish, Lost Maples State Park, Vanderpool, TX
Monkey Rock Lost Maples State Park, Vanderpool, TX
1. Sleeping Indian Jackson Hole , WY

10 thoughts on ““If Only They Could Talk””

  1. Fabulous…all!!! I can just hear those three gossips…on and on! Your sharing helps make my day, special…thank you, Mike! 😄

  2. Thank you for giving names to so many sites I have been privileged to see but couldn’t tell you the names of! Oh’ and many I never saw until your photos— keep us educated!!

  3. Oh, Michael, it has been a long time since we have traveled to New Hampshire to witness that change of “The Old Man of the Mountain.” Interesting photos!

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