I have prepared this blog entitled FYI to hopefully raise your awareness and level of concern about some governmental actions, both state and national, that are being discussed as well as legislation that has been introduced in the US Congress regarding our pristine and treasured public lands. HR 861 would eliminate The Environmental Protection Agency. If passed or enacted, the lessening or repeal of various acts and laws that were put in place to protect our environment and the flora and fauna that inhabit these lands would become threatened.

There currently is a congressional HJR 69 to accede to the demands of anti-regulatory zealots to gut the Endangered Species Act. Should we allow this to take place, it would be calamitous for hundreds of plants and animals, local ecosystems, and the complex interconnections that sustain the natural world.

Several members of Congress are advocating turning over federal lands to state control. Many, like this photographer and outdoor enthusiast, fear this action would lead to the states then privatizing the land that would in all likely hood lead to commercial developments such as oil and gas fracking, the establishment of wind farms and other developments. National parks, national monuments and other state and national properties and their natural inhabitants and resources are ours for us and future generations to enjoy untouched. Can you imagine derricks, wind turbines, or condos/strip centers in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, and Yosemite National Parks? How about wind turbines in White Sands National Monument, or the Grand Canyon dotted with big white blades whirring at 60 plus mph.

I hope this blog has served its purpose in capturing your attention and stirring your emotions into keeping a little closer eye on governmental actions and taking the necessary steps or actions to express your feelings when it comes to public land and our environment. The photographs in this blog were taken on OUR LAND!

Mendenhall Glacier and Icebergs – Juneau, AK
White Sands National Monument
Joshua Tree National Park
Ausable River, Lake Placid, NY
Gulf Coast Wetlands
Bison Grazing Along The Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park
Saguaro National Park
Juvenile and Adult Whooping Cranes Wintering at The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
The Landscape Arch – Arches National Park
Black Bear – Grand Teton National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Elk Drinking in the Madison River – Yellowstone National Park
Trumpeter Swans & Canadian Geese in The Yellowstone River
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC
US Capitol





5 thoughts on “FYI”

  1. Your picture of the Ausable at Lake Placid didn’t show the young lady meditating at the spot her Dad’s ashes were scattered, Sure looked like the spot to me.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of our country, amike. I think we all want to keep our parks and wildlife safe and pristine!

  3. We all must be vigilant during this administration! I certainly hope there are enough in the congress that love our country ‘s abundant beauty! Thanks for capturing special places so beautifully.(

  4. Thanks for this important information Mike! Looks like the 60’s/70’s are back, which presents something for us “to do!”

  5. We should not forget that the regulations that are being eliminated were promulgated to protect individuals from business and government overreach.

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