Where Do Babies Come From?

Where Do Babies Come From?

Remember when you were little and surprised the adult responsible for your upbringing with the question, “Where Do Babies Come From?”  The quick answer was “The Stork” brings them. As you grew older, how many cartoon figures do you remember seeing with “The Stork” happily floating in the blue sky wearing a Postman’s cap with a cute little cherub hanging from its beak in a diaper?  “The Stork” shown in this blog is not the one we were told about early in our lives. I suspect it’s retired. 

This blog features a Wood Stork I photographed while it was standing on a small island in a private pond near Corpus Christi, TX.  The Wood Stork is the only native stork found in the US. It is found year-round in Florida and visits elsewhere in the southeast in the summer and along the gulf coast. They have been known to fly as high as 6,000 feet and as far as 50 miles in search of food. A group of Wood Storks are often called “A Clatter of Storks”, “A Muster of Storks” as well as “A Swoop of Storks”.