7 thoughts on “Springtime in South Texas”

  1. Oh, Michael! Such beautiful flower pictures, growing in the wild with those great photos of birds enjoying them. Don’t you just love springtime?

  2. Thank you Mike for more gorgeous pictures. The beautiful birds and wild flowers are two of my favorite things in Texas. We certainly hold bragging rights on those two and I ‘m happy you shared with us.

    We think of you both often and will visit with you next time we go south. We are leaving on April 15th and going to workamp at an RV Resort just north of Orange Beach, AL. We are going to to hunt for a beach house on the Alabama or Florida coast. We are also going to slow down. John wants to spend sometime watching the sunsets and we love the sugar beaches.

    Keep us up on your plans, Posey & John

  3. As usual, love the beautiful photographs of the beauty of our Texas nature!!! I am forwarding this week’s to my friend, Sue Ann, who feeds the birds at her Conroe Lake home. You might remember meeting her…an admistrator for HISD…

  4. I’m homesick already . Leaving the South for NE MInnesota. Gonna miss the beautiful birds and Bluebonnets. Oh we’ll , we have birches and bluejays. Hoping to be back in Nov. Sigh! Thanks Mike.

  5. You must be having a great time going out and taking these pictures. We have some of the same flowers and birds up here in Arlington. It has been a beautiful spring for wildflowers.

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