Abstract Photography – Water

Abstract Photography – Water

Abstract photography is very much like abstract art. It concentrates on shape, form, color, pattern and texture. Abstract photography is not about knowing or recognizing the subject, but enjoying the feel of how it looks and connecting with the image emotionally. Hopefully, these photographs give you just a hint of information that will cause you to fill in the details by using your imagination and power of association.

The seven photographs of different water settings in this blog were taken in New Hampshire, Texas, and Idaho. I have used an editing program to manipulate the focus, size, color and texture.

Next week’s blog will show the original seven photographs.

Click each photograph to enlarge.











4 thoughts on “Abstract Photography – Water”

  1. Oh, Michael! I love the 4th one. So colorful and certainly abstract. And the second to the last captures something very different. The last one, the light in the background is just beautiful. Think that was taken at the Arboretum. Good job!

  2. this is a very refreshing blog. it reminds of how much i love water and summer. can’t wait for it although we haven’t had much of a winter, it’s just not the same as summer.

  3. I have really enjoyed your blog ( is that what you call it? I can’t keep up). The new turtle project sounds so interesting. Lar said you probably can’t take people with you on the turtle-mo-bile when you go out. But you could give us a walking tour if and when we get down there. Hugs and slobbery kisses to you and the missy.

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