Cattle Drive Thru Downtown Dallas

Cattle Drive Thru Downtown Dallas

These bronze bovine sculptures commemorate nineteenth century cattle drives of the old west, in particular the Shawnee Trail. This trail was the eastern most route by which Texas longhorn cattle were taken to northern railheads. The trail passed through Austin, Waco, and Dallas until joining the Chisolm Trail in 1867.

Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas created the 49 steers and 3 trail riders. Each steer is six feet high. The entire sculpture is the largest bronze monument of its kind in the world.

While photographing this unique sculpture, I could almost feel as though I was right there in the middle of the past, the smells, the dangers, and the excitement.





















5 thoughts on “Cattle Drive Thru Downtown Dallas”

  1. Mike, I love your pictures! This makes me want to go see this again. It’s been a long time since I’ve been down there.

  2. Since they were coming at you at stampede speed, it’s a wonder you were able to escape those enormous horns and “steel” hooves!!! Good thing you had your trusty horse, Trigger!!!!! I love that herd of Longhorns…thanks for the memories…?

  3. I LOVE seeing those cattle. We try to get downtown every time we are in Dallas to get another look at how magically they are presented, looking so real. I also love you picture-taking abilities, Michael!

  4. Mike, I did not know this art work existed in Dallas! Now I have a better understanding of why the football team is called “The Cowdoys…”

  5. kevin and i just visited these beauties in december. we could almost feel the ground shaking. great, great photos fil!

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