A Time for Change

A Time for Change

Time is approaching when we move from one season to the next, fall.  Plants and animals are beginning to make changes. Length of the day, feeding patterns, and environmental changes are some of the factors that contribute to these changes. The day length is the most predictive environmental clue for the seasonal timing of physiology and behavior, most notably for timing of migration, hibernation, and reproduction. Scientists refer to these changes as circadian rhythmicity.

My photographs show a hummingbird stocking up on nectar for its non-stop flight across the Gulf of Mexico, the color change of a tree, salmon swimming upstream to spawn, Bison relocating to their wintering grounds, elk entering the rut season, a plant no longer in bloom, a bear gorging on berries before hibernation, Whooping Cranes arriving from Canada, and humans headed to warmer locations.





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  1. Oh, Michael, I LOVE the FALL and the changes it brings. Absolutely beautiful. I adore your 2nd picture with tree leaf change and I also like the commentary. Great job!

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