Flooding Trinity River – Dallas, Texas

These photographs were taken from the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge which spans the flooding Trinity River. As a point of reference the skyline of Dallas is looking eastward. The Margaret Hill Hunt Bridge is parallel and to the south.











7 thoughts on “Flooding Trinity River – Dallas, Texas”

  1. 0h, my gosh !! I can’t even imagine something like this!! Thanks Mike for all the time you put in for everyone !! Hopefully everything has calmed down at the CDR MARINA. I wonder if thèrłl be any lasting effects.

  2. Oh, Michael, I’ve been hearing about those floods and the raised water level. The almost hidden signs and benches. However, you captured that great reflection of trees in the water, if there is anything good to say about all this. Great job, my friend.

  3. Are you telling me that you got out in this mess and risked life and limb to snap these photos? Or has your drone liscense just recently been recently approved?

  4. This rain has been dually a blessing and a trial. God sends what we ask for, but someone forgot to tell him to turn the spigot off at a certain point….

    Your photos are great! Keep em coming!

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