6 thoughts on “Bluebonnets”

  1. I love these!!! I used to see SO many of them on my yearly trips from Dallas to Houston and back during Spring Break and Easter…

  2. Who in Texas doesn’t look forth to the advent of the bluebonnets!!! I wish I were going to Austin or Kerrville or somewhere I once traveled and loved the sight of all the blue bonnets!!! Yea Spring!!!

  3. I tried to leave a comment and it said I had already done so…how can that be when I just today for the first time took a minute to look at the lovely blue bonnets!!! Something weird going on I guess. So that’s not new, is it?

  4. I have heard the term for many years, but it wasn’t until Susan and I did our Southern US RV trip last spring that I finally got to see some of them for the first time. They are very beautiful, and thanks for sharing my friend…

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