Birds on the Move

Birds on the Move

 Spring migration is the time of year when many hundreds and thousands of birds begin moving from their wintering grounds in the South to their summer grounds in the North. It’s now that time. Migration is driven primarily by the availability of food. Many species, such as ducks, cranes, song birds and Snowbirds, migrate and thusly are called migrants. Snowbirds are typically the oldest and are of the human species. Just thought I’d throw that in since I am of the Winter Texan variety.

Migrant birds range in size from very big, the Whooping Crane, to the tiny Warblers and Hummingbirds. Some of these migrants travel great distances, flying directly over the Gulf of Mexico to the coastlines of Texas. Some of the smaller migrants including the Warblers and Hummingbirds fly at night. They land in the morning and remain in the area for a few days feeding and resting before moving on.

If you miss seeing your favorite migrants this spring, just wait a few months and they will turn around and come back.  This will be the Fall Migration.

Northern Parula
Northern Parula
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Black and white Warbler
Black and white Warbler
Hooded Warbler
Hooded Warbler
Prothonotary Warbler
Prothonotary Warbler
Audubon's Warbler
Audubon’s Warbler
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Yellow - throated Warbler
Yellow – throated Warbler
10 Ruddy Duck
Ruddy Duck
Broad-tailed Hummingbird
Broad-tailed Hummingbird
Whooping Crane
Whooping Crane







Mike’s Burger/Blog

Mike’s Burger Atlas/Blog

Everybody loves an old fashioned hamburger or sometimes simply called”Burger” and every community has its very own favorite “Burger Joint”.These “Burger Joints” range from mom and pop to national chain operations. Regardless of corporate structure they all claim to serve the”Best Burger in Town”. How and who determines what makes a burger the”Best” is still a big mystery to this traveler.

I am a self-appointed expert on the subject of “Burger Joints” just as I am about wine. I like it or I don’t!

Since I live a rather nomadic life, it affords me the opportunity to experience the many “Burger Joints” throughout the land. I have defined,for the purpose of this atlas/blog, a “Burger Joint” as an establishment that serves hamburgers and usually is accompanied with French fries or chips.I have made no attempt to develop any type of statistical assessment model such as the number of napkins it takes to eat the “Burger”, nor will you find little stars or monetary symbols signifying the establishments placement on any list.

The “Burger Joints” pictured in this atlas/blog qualified to be included based on two factors: my judgment and would I recommend it to my closest friend.

Scott's - Camden, ME
Scott’s – Camden, ME
McLards - Hot Springs, AR
McLards – Hot Springs, AR
Adairs - Dallas, TX
Adairs – Dallas, TX
Kincades - Ft. Worth, TX
Kincades – Ft. Worth, TX
Dirty's - Austin, TX
Dirty’s – Austin, TX
Chris Madrids - San Antonio, TX
Chris Madrids – San Antonio, TX
Rockin' BZ Burger's - Alamogordo, NM Best Green Chile Cheeseburger NM State Fair 2012
Rockin’ BZ Burger’s – Alamogordo, NM
Best Green Chile Cheeseburger NM State Fair 2012
Manny's Buck Horn Cafe, San Antonio, NM. Green Chile Cheeseburger beat Bobby Flay's in Cookoff.
Manny’s Buck Horn Cafe, San Antonio, NM. Green Chile Cheeseburger beat Bobby Flay’s in Cookoff.
Santa Fe Bite, Santa Fe, NM Formerly Bobcat Bite
Santa Fe Bite, Santa Fe, NM Formerly Bobcat Bite
Penelopes - Estes Park, CO
Penelopes – Estes Park, CO
Durango Diner, Durango, CO
Durango Diner, Durango, CO
Butch's Place, Kirby, WY
Butch’s Place, Kirby, WY
Nap's - Hamilton, MT
Nap’s – Hamilton, MT
Tyler's Hamburgers , Palm Springs, CA
Tyler’s Hamburgers , Palm Springs, CA
Burger Lounge, La Jolla, CA
Burger Lounge, La Jolla, CA


















Nuevo Progreso Revisited

Nuevo Progreso Revisited

It has been several years since Carol and I last ventured across the Rio Grande River to participate in the tourist activities Nuevo Progreso offers. The rising influence and control of the drug cartels has prevented many people from going to Nuevo Progreso for safety reasons until the last year or so. Even though the cartel still has a presence, during the winter months, Winter Texans flock to this little Mexican border  town of approximately 10,000 to purchase prescription drugs, liquor, have dental work done and enjoy the food and shopping.

While visiting the Texas Valley area recently, we decided to take the walk across the International Bridge and spend a few hours in Progreso as the natives call it. So with passports and camera, we struck out. We paid our 25 cents to get through the turnstile and proceeded. As we crossed the International Boundary things immediately changed. There were the beggars below the bridge, crowded streets, and vendors hawking food, trinkets, clothing, and dental services. Drug stores, bars and restaurants were in abundance. Arturo’s Restaurant is still there serving their famous fried frog legs -Umm GOOD.  Upon the advice of others, we headed back across to the U.S. around mid-afternoon. It cost 30 cents this time and the wait to pass through U.S. Customs took about 20 minutes. Passports were checked!  Yes, it’s basically still the same. I hope these photographs give an idea of life in Nuevo Progreso.