A Snipe Hunt

A Snipe Hunt

Do you remember when you were just a youngster and were taken on a night time hunt to try and catch the ever elusive Snipe? You were taught the secret call, such as, Whoop! Whoop! or maybe how to bang two rocks or sticks together in a certain way before being taken out in to the woods to sit alone very quietly holding a burlap bag or pillow case open in hopes of catching a Snipe. I didn’t catch one either.

I did, however, catch this one on camera recently in a birding center in Port Aransas, Texas.

The Snipe lurks in marshes, damp fields, muddy edges of creeks, solitary and often unseen.





7 thoughts on “A Snipe Hunt”

  1. Oh, Michael – I’ve never seen a Snipe and just imagine what a great adventure that must have been. Camouflage plays a big part here – as many of your photography impressions show. I can picture you with that pillow case!

  2. Thanks for the memories, Mike. I remember a snipe hunt with Bill Ellis. I was surprised to find there really was a snipe when I observed one a few years ago. Always enjoy your photos

  3. Wow, Mike,

    They really do exist! I was never taken on a “hunt,” but heard from a couple of people who were the brunt of that age-old prank! Congratulations for catching one on film…


  4. WOW! And I truly thought there was no such thing as a snipe! Just a game we played!!! A trick on unsuspecting friends! Thanks for the beautiful photos! (You must have a hellofa camera!!!)

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