6 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season”

  1. Yes! T’is the Season, Michael. The Dallas family is meeting tonight to judge 7 entries for the peanut brittle contest from various family members. Your photographs bring some magic to the day!

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for sharing the Holiday Spirit with us. It is always good to see the world through your lens. All the joy of the holidays to you and Carol…

  3. I just arrived in Houston this afternoon…and it looks a lot like Christmas here, too!! Loved your vwonderful pictures.

    Yesterday, the Drs. Newsome and Julie’s sister came over yesterday for a short visit!!! I just loved having them. We like to share our latest good book!!

  4. Just now got to view your Christmas photos. They are very good! I am so behind looking at your blog…the season has me in tow! Though it is now over (Whew!!!!) I enjoyed it and look forward to getting back to status quo! Keep those wonderful photos and dialog coming! I enjoy everything you send!

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