Seals of La Jolla, CA

The Seals of La Jolla

Close to the downtown area of La Jolla, CA is a small cove protected by a concrete breakwater called the Children’s Pool or is better known by the locals as the “Casa”. This was once a child’s swimming area but is now a protected “Seal Sanctuary” where Harbor Seals and Sea Lions play, cavort, and give birth to their young, called “pupping,” and molt.
Harbor Seals spend 30% to 40% of their time hauled-out (come out of the water onto dry land) each day in order to survive. The reasons for hauling-out is to molt after the breeding season at which time they shed all their fur, give birth, and for reasons unknown. They are not just basking in the sun as many may think. Pupping season is December 15 thru May 15. Molting season is mid-June to mid-August. The average life span of a Harbor Seal is 20-25 years.

I visited the “Casa” just after the pupping season. Can you find some pups in the second photo? I spotted eight – I think.

The first photo shows the coastline with the “Casa” in the distant background.

La Jolla, CA Shoreline with The "Casa" in the background
La Jolla, CA Shoreline with The “Casa” in the background
The "Casa" Find the pups
The “Casa”
Find the pups






Harbor Seal
Harbor Seal
Two Sea Lions at play
Two Sea Lions at play






Harbor Seal - La Jolla, CA
Harbor Seal – La Jolla, CA
Laying back at the"CASA"
Laying back at the”CASA”






Hauled-out at the "Casa"
Hauled-out at the “Casa”

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  1. Michael, I can’t even determine which ones are seals in that second picture. You got great shots of Harbor Seal. I’ve never seen seals on land/shore!

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