The Hands of A Fly-fisher


The Hands of a Flyfisher
The Hands of a Fly-fisher


Rainbow Trout 15" - Madison River, MT
Rainbow Trout 15″ – Madison River, MT


Rainbow Trout 17" - San Juan River, NM
Rainbow Trout 17″ – San Juan River, NM
Brown Trout 15" - Taylor River, CO
Brown Trout 15″ – Taylor River, CO
Rainbow Trout 19" - San Juan River,NM
Rainbow Trout 19″ – San Juan River,NM
Catch & Release
Catch & Release


5 thoughts on “The Hands of A Fly-fisher”

  1. Oh, Michael – I so want to go fly-fishing. Are you going to be in fly-fishing territory this summer. If so, HAVE FUN!! Great photos, by the way.

  2. Your presentations are very clever!! When we lived in Wyoming, Pat would fly fish, but I would choose to sit on a big rock and just take my chances that they would come to me…saving my energy for the walk out…

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