Passerines of Spring

A passerine is any of the birds belonging to the order Passeriformes. These birds make up more than fifty percent of the world’s birds. Most of them are adapted for perching. Each passerine has three toes pointing forward and one toe pointing backward which allow them to perch. They are sometimes called songbirds or perching birds.


The poem, Passerines of Spring, which is superimposed on the photo of the Northern Cardinal, was written by me to my wife after I had recently had heart surgery. Disclaimer – I don’t pretend to be a Longfellow, Frost, or any other poet. I think my body still contained a fair amount of anesthesia plus the pain medication I was taking. During this time of my recuperation, there was a pair of Northern Cardinals nesting just outside our window. I suppose they were my inspiration, fueled by the drugs, to write this poem. I thought of the words one night around 3 am and got up to write the poem.

Altamira OrioleWestern Scrub JayYellow Rump WarblerMocking BirdHooded WarblerAudubon's OrioleRuby-crowned KingletGreen JayNorthern Cardinal

5 thoughts on “Passerines of Spring”

  1. they are very beautiful and colorful birds. very pleasant to gaulk at. you have a heart of gold . dil and son

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