Leaving Home

The first photograph captures an immature Blacked-chinned Humming Bird taking flight from its nest for the first time never to return. After I took the photo, I looked down at the LCD screen on my camera to see the image. Seconds later when I looked back at the nest there was only one Hummer remaining (photo #2). I then spotted the first Hummer perched on a limb in an adjoining tree (photo#3). I continued to monitor and photograph the nest only to find an empty nest several days later (photo#4). “Right Place at the Right Time”

I call the first photo “Leaving Home”; the second photo “Home Alone”; the third photo “My First Perch” and the fourth photo “The Empty Nest”. These Photos were taken in the Riverside RV Park located in Ruidoso, NM

"Leaving Home"
“Leaving Home”
"Home Alone"
“Home Alone”

My First Perch

"Empty Nest"
“Empty Nest”

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