The Iconic “Kissing Statue”

While visiting San Diego, CA, I couldn’t resist photographing the iconic “Kissing Statue” officially named “Unconditional Surrender”. I thought it timely and appropriate to share a few of my  photos and a little information about the statue since Glenn McDuffie, the sailor kissing a woman in Times Square in a famous World War II era photo taken by a Life Magazine photographer, died in Dallas on March 9.

The statue was designed by Seward Johnson of New Jersey. It is made of a foam core covered with a urethane outer layer. While on loan to San Diego from 2007 until 2012, the iconic statue was located in Tuna Harbor Park next to Aircraft Carrier Midway Museum. During our visit the statue was dismantled and returned to New Jersey for restoration. A permanent bronze replica now stands in its place next to the museum in San Diego.  You should know there is some controversy within the art world as to whether the statue is art.  Sarasota Florida also has a replica of the “Unconditional Surrender”.

San Diego being the Headquarters for the United States Pacific Naval Fleet and seeing this statue by the Aircraft Carrier Midway did in fact stir my patriotic emotions.

The Kissing Statue  (1)

                                                                             The Kissing Statue  (3)The Kissing Statue  (2)

2 thoughts on “The Iconic “Kissing Statue””

  1. I think the statue is a great piece of art, Michael! San Diego is one our favorite places to visit and sail and that statue fits right there.

  2. we think that both of the statues are very patriotic since the men and women that fight for our country have families and lots of love in their hearts and sometimes it shows. this is one of those moments stuck in time. i love it! kthomas, dil

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