Ox Bow Bend in Grand Teton NP – Jackson Hole, WY


Time to relax and use your imagination!

Just pour a goblet of claret; turn on some soft music; sit back and think about being in this pristine and serene setting with your favorite companion.

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Ox Bow Bend - Grand Teton NP

7 thoughts on “Ox Bow Bend in Grand Teton NP – Jackson Hole, WY”

  1. Makes a person want to go there and get away from working on all the area computers. Thanks again for Pan Joe’s. Part of your blog code is appearing below the comment box. It reads as follows:
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  2. I am right there with you, Michael! The beauty you have captured is phenomenal. I love the grasses in the foreground, too. We need to take another trip to Jackson Hole.

    1. Not a lake. It’s where the Snake River gets extremely wide about a mile east of the Jackson Lake Junction on Hwy 89. If you are ever there be sure to go there. Easy to get to. Best time is early AM when there is no wind.

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